Process Simulation Studies

We use ASPEN suite for our Process design, development, analysis, and optimization to generate the required results.

CHEMSYS Process Engineering uses Aspentech process simulation software to design, analysis, development, and optimization for industrial process like bulk, specialty chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, environmental systems, power stations, complex manufacturing operations, biological processes, and similar chemical process. Chemsys can deliver locally to its Customers high values engineering services. Our operating division includes Distillation Technology, Oil & gas sector, Bio-fuel, Evaporator Technology. We provide simulation results for above listed operations and processes with improved quality and performance of your industrial processes and eliminate troubleshooting.

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Steady State and Dynamic Simulation

The design of a new process using simulations to analyze a process flow sheet can save time, effort and, ultimately money. Process simulation is a model-based representation of chemical, physical, biological, and other technical processes and unit operations in software. Basic prerequisites are a thorough knowledge of chemical and physical properties of pure components and mixtures, reactions, and mathematical models which is in combination, allow the calculation of a process in computers. Process simulation software describes processes in flow diagrams where unit operations are positioned and connected by product streams. The software has to solve the mass and energy balance to find a stable operating point. The goal of a process simulation is to find optimal conditions for an examined process. This is essentially an optimization problem which has to be solved in an iterative process.

we find the solution by adapting the modeling environment of a simulator to a particular technology and embedding the engineering expertise for the strategic approach to solve a challenging design problem which gives our customer more than what we promise.

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Following main purposes have been proposed for Software process simulation:

  • Support in operational project management (estimation, planning and control)
  • Support for strategic management
  • Tool for training and education for software project management and software development lifecycle.
  • Process improvement and technology adoption.

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