Simulation of Distillation towers

Simulation of Distillation towers

Simulation of six distillation towers in Aspen Plus according to client specifications.

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Project Details

  • Started on: September, 2017
  • Completed on: January 2018
  • Location: India
  • Category: Distillation and Evaporation
  • Client/Contractor: Raschig

Project brief

HFP Distillation Unit is under Azeotropic and Extractive Distillation. Column is operated in atmospheric condition. For this project CHEMSYS scope is HFP Distillation Column design, engineering, procurement and construction for 4 capacities 16.5 TPD, 28 TPD, 33 TPD and 36 TPD.

Process considered for HFP (C3F6) purification (HFP Purity requirement: 99.95%).

Mainly Two continuous Distillation columns in sequence have been considered for this process. Mode of operation is continuous and total two number of columns are considered.

1st column bottom product is the feed stream for 2nd column. Both the columns have been considered as a downstream process.

Plant Piping


Process Simulation
Process Simulation

The scope of work includes performing ASPEN PLUS steady state simulation for HFP (C3F6) purification column (2 continuous Columns in sequence) to obtain desired purity. Our experienced personnel were able to design a perfectly capable simulation, under the Client’s budget. Simulations straighten out appropriate column pressure, temperature, number of theoretical stages, reboiler duty, and condenser duty. Difficulties arrived when performing simulation for first column. As it was an azeotropic distillation TFE being utilized solved the purpose and R22 was removed as top product. Impurities and bottom product was sent to next column. Recovery was achieved, purity and holdup was found to be as per client requirements.

Construction and Commissioning

All columns and other equipment construction is going on in our fabrication unit.

Once the column is bolted up (either after initial construction or after a shutdown), a number of operations are performed to prepare it for startup. This phase is often referred to as column commissioning.

The main objectives of column commissioning are to clear the system of undesirable materials, to test the column and rectify potential problems, and to take preventive measures against performance deterioration (e.g. due to fouling).

Design Work

Distillation has been in practice for centuries. But we at Chemsys over the years has developed an integrated engineering capability to meet all your needs on distillation. Along with Process Design, we possess high efficiency in:

  • Process simulation using Aspen
  • Process Design of Heat Exchangers
  • Column Hydraulics
  • GA drawing
  • Mechanical design of all equipments
  • Equipment drawing
  • P & I diagram
  • Plant layouts
  • Instrumentation & automation

I&C works
I&C works
I&C works

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